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Cootie Catcher / Fortune Teller Program 


I am so excited about these! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you love them as much as I do...

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you'll do pretty well with this template. I had to play around with the positioning a lot but it wasn't too time consuming. 

The first thing I needed to remember was how to make these (I used to make them in elementary school, but man that was a long time ago.  The link below has a video tutorial...

As far as the template, 

The first slide represents the paper folds, the second slide helps you position the words and images, and the third is the one that printed out.  (I copied the second slide and deleted all of the dotted lines except the outer one that I use a guide to cut the 8.5" X 11" paper. 

I've gotten some questions about the dimensions and the paper I used: 

PowerPoint sets automatic margins so the only way I could get the cootie catcher to print with the right margins was to cut the size down to 7.5" to 7.5" so (bummer!) I have to cut 4 sides instead of just one (that's why there is the faint dotted line on the outside.) Do you have a paper cutter? (It has been my best friend!)

I used pretty light paper, it's recycled banana paper.  I didn't think it was too flimsy, but I wouldn't say it's super luxurious like some of the other paper I associate with weddings (like velium and think, embossed cardstock.) 

 Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to share with other brides!

Good luck!